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Sun State Hemp offers the latest and best CBD gummies on the market today as rated by our in-house team. Their selection of CBD gummies come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors that cater to every pallet. While CBD hemp oil has a very distinct and natural taste that some find delicious, CBD gummies are extremely popular among new CBD oil users because their taste and texture are very similar to the candies you would normally find in a grocery or candy store. Each of our CBD gummies are carefully crafted to offer full flavor and maximum strength CBD hemp oil.

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Why is CBD Oil Added to CBD Gummies?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid commonly found in hemp plants. While many customers are unfamiliar with CBD oil and are a bit taken aback by the term cannabinoid, there are a lot of other delicious treats that people come into contact with regularly that already contain cannabinoids. For example, BCP, a well-known cannabinoid, is commonly found in most store-bought cinnamon and other spices. Each cannabinoid is its own unique compound and our bodies react differently to each one. With this in mind, CBD gummies can be a great addition to your normal routine. Sun State Hemp offers a wide variety of CBD gummies and edibles, including our CBD honey sticks which can be used to sweeten your morning coffee or tea!
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