Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy Flats 35mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy Flats 35mg

Discover Boro Hemp’s Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy Flats, a delectable assortment infused with 35mg of potent Broad Spectrum CBD per gummy. Crafted to perfection and available in counts ranging from 2 to 50, each gummy offers a delightful burst of mixed fruit flavors while encapsulating the myriad benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD. The medley of mixed fruit flavors adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your CBD routine, making it a delightful and convenient way to incorporate the potential benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD into your daily life.

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At the heart of these gummies lies the power of Broad Spectrum CBD, a comprehensive formulation that harnesses the goodness of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other essential compounds found in the hemp plant, excluding THC. Broad Spectrum CBD provides a holistic wellness experience, leveraging the entourage effect by combining various cannabinoids and terpenes to amplify their potential benefits without the presence of THC.

Experience the versatility of Broad Spectrum CBD as it works harmoniously within your system. From promoting a sense of calm and relaxation to potentially aiding in stress management and supporting overall well-being, each 35mg gummy delivers a precisely measured dose of Broad Spectrum CBD, allowing for a consistent and reliable experience with every bite.

Crafted in small batches to maintain exceptional quality and freshness, our gummies undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures, ensuring that each batch meets our stringent standards.


10 Count, 2 Count, 25 Count, 50 Count


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